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b. 2000 


I am an interdisciplinary artist and writer working in Los Angeles. My work invests in illuminating less-than-visible forces, gradients of truth, self-authorship, and fluctuating visions of collective/cultural histories via pop culture and cinematic grandiosity. 

Everything slackens around the death of tension, the divorce of interconnectivity, the sublimation of dependence. Yet tufts of information and belief point in, toward the gaps. Heeding these markers reunites the crisis of the individual with its collective context. The heat on my heels from the terror of untruth has made me a gumshoe. My practice relies on the problematics of a desire to repair universal continuity at any cost, leading me to instinctual reactivity. Resolving something beyond myself has guided me to dedicate myself to art objects and writings as sharing and relativity are fundamental to their form. 

Centering less-than-visible forces has always been a part of my practice as I value context and specificity. The unseeable of the world is a right to opacity but we must determine which gaps do not upend autonomy. I bring my dedication to multiplicity to the task of questioning how information is stewarded, presented, and subsequently valued. Methods that currently claim my desire are music videos, fiction, pop culture, and memory.

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